lördag 13 oktober 2012

Punky scraps challenge #54

Good evening!
I've had a lovely, lazy day! Wish it was saturday twice a week, at least... ;-) Tomorrow is sunday and i'm working in the evening. But  I guess it will be allright when I'm there...

Yesterday it was time for challenge 54 at Punky scraps, a picture for inspiration.

I was inspired by the colors and the glamour-feeling. I choose a photo from mine and Ciccis trip to Cannes this autumn. On the way to the beach we passed this house everyday. Here's my take on the challenge:

I splasched different colors of smootch spritz on a straw cardstock. Love the washitape wich fits extremely well if you ask me.. ;-P
Now i'm gonna finish my glass of wine, and maybe do some scrappin'. Or just go to bed and listen to a book... Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Jäkligt snyggt och coolt!
    Ha en fortsatt bra lördagkväll.


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