måndag 8 oktober 2012


I know I've been a poor blogger lately. Don't know if I've got any non-Swedish readers left, but I'll write in English today anyway...
Today I will show you a layout from the crop last weekend. It was a lift-challenge and I don't think I've ever seen so many beautiful takes att the same time... Incredible! That's the best part of crops - all the inspiration you get!!
Here's my take:

The photos are from our trip to Mallorca this summer. The kids tried to walk on water, which is the titel of the layout. They really loved it, Stella did it twice... :-)
The colors are a bit misleading as usual. It's not quite that dark...

Today I'm home from work to study. I'm taking a course in diabetes-care. There's a whole lot to read, so I better get going... :-)

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  1. Jag är kvar! :) jättesnygg lo, gillar de rivna papperslagren massor!
    Hoppas du får en jättebra vecka, och plugga inte för hårt!


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