söndag 7 juli 2013

I'm alive...

...Believe it or not...
The last months has been really busy! We've sold our house with all that comes with that. A lot of my scrapping-stuff is packed down in a storage-room in town, and there has been no inspiration what so ever.
But now it looks like the house is finally sold and on wednesday we're signing for a new one, yaaaay!  Much closer to the city and I can ride my bike for work, love it!!
This weekend I actually sat down by the scraptable and I made two layouts! It was lots of fun, and I'll try to do one tonight aswell!
Now I'm heading out in the sun. The kids wants to go for a bath, and I think we will. While we can...
That's one thing I'll miss about living here!

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  1. Lät skönt att kunna cykla till jobbet! Hoppas att ni får lite semester med bara slappande i allt, det tar på krafterna att flytta... Kram!


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