torsdag 17 januari 2013

My favourite layouts 2012

I'm a bit late, but better late then never I guess... Here's my list of faves from last year:

Clean and simple, photo from our trip to Amsterdam. We lived in a boat-hotel and this ship was our neighbour... :-)

My beautiful daugther is getting a haircut by lovely Annsofie.

Ville in Kolmården. Time for coffee and Festis...

Tired girl in the emergency room, two summers ago. She was not feeling well and I was really worried. I'm glad I took the photo and that I wrote the story down! And yes, she could go home the same night and got better in a few days! <3 p="p">

First tooth finally decided to fall out... ;-P

Icecream is good stuff! But it's got to be "sandwich" otherwise it's no good if you ask Ville!

I love this picture of my beutiful kids holding each other in the couch at my fathers house last summer. The frame on the photo is made with one of all apps to my iphone...

Photo from lovely, warm Cannes this fall. Went there with my best friend and we had a great time! Hangin out at the beach all day. Drinking wine and eat at different restaurants every night, and talk talk talk without beeing interupted all of the time... ;-P Yes indeed it was a nice trip!!
A simple layout with a photo I love! Ville's sitting in the window at our hotel in Gothenburg, watching the traffic outside.

Another Amsterdam-pic. This layout I made to some crop... It was a lift I think. I shure went all-in on the paint-thing... I like how it turned out!

If you want to see my favourites from 2011 they are here.

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